These tumbles are not a high quality. Many don't fully display the banding that many of us seek out when looking for Blue Lace Agate. Interestingly enough though, the blue in these is Chalcedony and the banded parts are the agate. Your piece may have some of the matrix on it. This can be seen in the photos as the brown parts.

The sizes of these do vary greatly since each one is not a uniform shape. Please keep that in mind when purchasing. The listing is for 1 piece.

This is a stock photo. You will receive one similiar to the one shown.


  • Approximate Dimensions: ~26 mm x 16 mm x 12 mm


All photos are unedited and taken in natural lighting. If a photo is taken in direct sunlight it is to help highlight or showcase any unique characteristics the stone may possess. 


Each stone is unique and should not have an expectation of being perfect. All stones are made by Mother Earth, unless stated otherwise. Any stones that may have been polished or enhanced will be stated in the product title or description. 


Keep in mind that color variances may differ dependent on the device monitor. Some stones may appear slightly different in color in person than represented in its listing. The best efforts are made to capture the color authenticity and beauty of each piece. 

Medium Blue Lace Agate tumble


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